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Ch. 1: The Barmaid of Gathland (P.1)

In the realm of Gathland, a barmaid named Bri meets Villadius, an Elvan Wizard seeking the truth about her father, and how he killed the Chieftan of Gods. Setting her on a journey that will forever change the balance of magical power in the world.

Ch. 1: The Barmaid of Gathland (P.2)

After a deadly encounter with Elvans, Bri travels with her friend Calan under the watchful eye of Tarúk, an enigmatic Orc ranger.

Ch. 2: The Gathering of the Voyagers (P.1)

Calan seeks the aid of Tarúk the Orc, while Bri finds herself in the company of two strange merchants, Iriklas and Jenquo.

Ch. 2: The Gathering of the Voyagers (P.2)

Reunited with her friends, Bri faces capture from the Guards of Wynhold, and in the aftermath of the encounter all conflict becomes clear.

Ch. 3: Fire and Water (P.1)

The Voyagers make their very first port, in the City of Ride-End, the far south of the Wynland Kingdom, where Iriklas the Elvan makes a fateful transaction.

Ch. 3: Fire and Water (P.2)

Left alone with the boat, when all her friends go to rescue Calan, Bri must find the source of her power.

Ch. 4: The Terror of Buri (P.1)

The Voyagers have made port, beginning their journey in the land of Halfins. Their trip on land has an ill start, and soon the party find themselves facing an ancient terror on the border of the small folk.

Ch. 4: The Terror of Buri (P.2)

In the Mountains, Bri and her companions are trapped by the horde of vampiric creatures. Corpses re-animated by the Night’s Plague, which has infected Calan after a fatal bite.

Ch. 5: Song of Heroes (P.1)

Bri and her companions draw nearer to her goal, taking rest at a tavern, with a deathly problem that calls for their aid.

Ch. 5: Song of Heroes (P.2)

With Jenquo seriously injured, the Voyagers have no choice but to accept the hospitality of Knights on the trail of deadly Bandits. And as Bri struggles to keep her own secret, she uncovers another.

Ch. 6: City of Lies (P.1)

While Bri tries to make sense of her recent betrayal, Iriklas and Jenquo invite trouble to the party with their antics and schemes as they try to smuggle the Voyagers into the troubled city of Bellar.

Ch. 6: City of Lies (P.2)